2-Up Rides with Jason Pridmore

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From when I was a kid, the single most important learning experience I had was jumping on the back of my dad’s motorcycle.

I always tried to imitate the feeling I got and try my best to understand the inputs he was putting in the motorcycle. The problem was that he was so smooth it was incredibly hard to feel them.

I always thought how great it could be to ride in a way that your passenger couldn’t feel a shift, or feel any urgency in steering the bike. And as I progressed and began giving rides myself I realized how far I had come. For the better part of 25 years now the 2up rides I have given have served a purpose. All the things that students get to hear in the classroom they can feel if the jump on the back for a 2up. I have been lucky enough to give rides to my peers, actors & actresses & major sporting figures. Maybe the most fun I had was giving rides to our military when I was hired by Jordan Motorsports. For 4 years at all AMA National events I got to surprise military personnel with a 2up.

These rides are done ego free and not meant to scare anyone. They are used strictly as a learning tool and are catered to whatever speed the student likes. Just one more way to enhance your experience with JP43 Training

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