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I have been track riding and club racing for over 9 years.  During that time I’ve been fortunate to attend various training courses taught by top-level instructors.  I can honestly say that Jason Pridmore’s training is a step above the rest.  I have attended his two-day Star School multiple times over the years and it never ceases to amaze me how well he can break down the basic fundamentals to help any level rider.  This past weekend I was able to attend his JP43 one-on-one training and worked all day with Michael Gilbert (one of the top racers in this year’s Motoamerica Superstock 600 class).  Michael was very easy to work with and completely focused the full day on the primary issues that I wanted to address with my riding.  Jason also stayed very closely involved to ensure that we used every riding session to its maximum potential for learning and improving.  My personal goals for the day were to work on body position and smoother downshifting under hard braking.  Listening to both Michael and Jason break down those skills into a very easy to understand manner helped immediately.  The improvements I was able to make by the end of the day allowed me to feel more stable mid-corner and carry more speed into the corners by not upsetting the bike during the downshifts.  Whether you’re a new track rider who rides mostly on the street or an experienced racer, there is no limit to how much you can improve your riding by attending one of Pridmore’s training classes and I can’t recommend it enough!

Andrew Y.

I attended Jason Pridmore’s STAR School a couple weeks back at Chuckwalla Raceway in CA. This is the first riding school I have attended since my MSF Course back in 2k. I was in his 1-on-1 (JP43 Training) class for the day and I had the opportunity to be coached by Moto America racer Benny Solis ALL friggin’ day!! Woo Hoo!!

I have to admit I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time. Jason was very welcoming and friendly. Now some of you may be thinking “Of course he was, you paid him duh”. Yes I had to pay, it is a school ya know but I felt like I was setting up for a track day with friends. The entire staff was friendly and humorous which made me relax a lot.

Once getting settled, we sat down with Jason, Benny and Moto America racer Caroline Olsen. We discussed our riding history and goals for the day. My goals were wanting to improve body position and becoming a safer faster rider.

Once our morning chat as a group was done we then sat 1-on-1 with our coaches for the day. Benny and myself had another conversation how my day was gonna be. Benny led the way our first session out to site the track and get warmed up. In the process he showed me his lines for this track that he wanted me to learn and will be using for the day.

I have never been on the track riding as much as I did this day. During the session, we would pull off to the pit briefly and discuss the improvement Benny wanted me to make in different parts of the track and head back out. At the conclusion of each session we would watch the GoPro footage from Benny’s bike of me riding and discuss it. My body position, lines, braking and coasting were all broken up into different sessions and slowly combined all together.

During the later sessions I felt much better than the morning sessions. Watching my first session and seeing my last was an eye opener. It really showed what I learned and seeing how much improvement I made. This is all at your pace too. Benny did not overwhelm me or pressure me in anyway to go faster than I was comfortable at that given time.

Jason would check in regularly and asked if I had any questions and offer even more impute to help me improve throughout the day.

This is just a quick overview of the school and what I experienced. I had a great time and learned so much with so much more to learn. Benny is a great coach. Most of us have seen some professional racers do their thing in person and see how fast really is. However riding behind Benny was quite the experience. Seeing and hearing the smoothness of how he rides is awesome.

Benny was putting around so my slow ass could stay with him but seeing him slide the rear into a turn was really bitchin’. Jason zoomed around too teaching his student and my friend was riding with Caroline for the day. She was able to push herself to a new limit riding that she has never rode before with confidence.

I have nothing but good things to say about JP43 Training. I strongly recommend attending if you are able to or any riding school for that matter. You do not have to be a racer or high level track person to attend. Any enthusiast can take this school and become better.)

Tony G.

I recently attended the Jason Pridmore Star School thru the U.S. Marine Corps motorcycle program. I was surprised how organized everything was. I noticed a couple of famous faces. The school was awesome and I don’t think that there was one person that left without learning something. For me the school got me to fine tune a couple of things and the most important the Star Team got me to ride in a relaxed body position on my bike. The experience was amazing, true professionals who care and I’ll leave at that. Thanks. Marcin J.

Jason is the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” of motorcycle Racing. After seeing hearing and reading pretty much every motorcycle coach available to the general public, nobody has the ability to communicate riding skills and distinctions to make you a safer, faster, & better rider than Jason Pridmore! Thank you to Jason and your team for an amazing weekend school and I look forward to attending every one of them this coming year! Robert V.

JP fixed my body position after a few years of struggling an hanging off was too much. Now I am much more centered, less fatigued and most of all faster. JP has it right! Clinton

I love going to that school. Probably saved my life, about 1000 times. Troy

I was looking at my videos from my second time at Star School with Jason Pridmore and it’s really nice to see my lap times dropped. I did a one on one session with JP and I was really excited because I got to train with him all day. Not to mention I was on a bike that I haven’t ridden in months, I wasn’t sure if I would enough be fast on it. But JP followed me and gave me some pointers and we cut 10 seconds off my lap times! I can’t wait to go back. So much information to absorb in one day but it’s the little things that makes the biggest difference. My riding style has even changed on the street, for the better! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone at JP43 Training. If you haven’t gone I would really recommend it. Great people, and really great atmosphere.

Patrick W.

Labor Day weekend 2017 I took the 1-on-1 JP43 Training. @pridmore43 @carolineracing @bennysolis35 @rollingchicane were on hand coaching @patrickstar46, @ms_keerati & I respectively.

Although it seems like I have been riding for a while (M1 acquired early 2014), I only have about 22-24 months of seat time.  In between that seat time I had two major crashes from which I had to recover both physically & mentally. Those crashes (June 2014 & April 2015) left me scared of my ability to ride safely. But I still had the love for 2 wheels, so I settled for riding slow. I was always worried that I might crashing which led me to seek out advise from more experienced riders! But the advice was all different and very conflicting. I became aware of JP43 Training through a few friends of mine. I decided to take my chances & try the school out. After the 2-day school I was no longer afraid of crashing. Technique and what actually needed to be done was explained in laymen terms. I was no longer guessing what needed to be done. However, I still was riding slow and needed to find out why I wasn’t getting faster. Taking 1-on-1 from JP43 Training has helped. Although I didn’t get faster that day, Benny explained how I needed to push & trust my bike. I am glad I have received riding instruction from Jason Pridmore, Benny Solís & Caroline Olsen because my confidence & riding skill has more than doubled since taking the class.

Jason Pridmore and the team are passionate about sharing their knowledge with other riders. They work on the level to the riders they’re teaching. From novice to racer, their instructions are on par to the skill of their student. And yet manage to push the student to the next level of riding. I highly recommend their teaching method to all riders. Learning from Racing champions who are so humble and endearing makes me feel like a VIP!

Jose D.

I have been riding tracks since 2012 – however, I didn’t feel I improved much before I started training with JP43 Training. Prior to to attending 2-day school and receiving 1-on-1 training, my lap time was still the same for many years and I felt like I was hitting plateau with my riding. I tried following people who were faster than me but I would get scared in every turn which in the end hurt my confidence even more. I had taken a few other schools before I decided to give JP43 a try. The 1-on-1 training has helped me the most since I get to spend time all day with a coach to fix all my errors and improve certain things. I was terrified of getting too close to the curbs which caused me to miss all the apexes. I worked with Caroline Olsen 2 times and she has changed my riding for the better. I was able to cut down 7 seconds of my lap time along with improving my body position and throttle control. I no longer fear going into the turn at a faster speed and hitting the apexes. I have been training with Jason and his crew since late 2016 and I have to say there is no other school like it. All the staff and the coaches truly care about their students and make them feel welcome. The no ego approach is the best approach in teaching and I really feel the love from everyone at JP43 Training. Thank you for everything you have done for all the riders.

Kee J.

Been attending, at least once a year, since 2006!!! They helped me net dozens of class wins, podiums and 4 class championships with WERA West and the California State Championship! First Expert liter bike podium at Big Willow (Willow Springs Int’l Raceway) Sept 2013 Krystyna K.

Many thanks to you and your fine staff for some tremendous instruction and quality environment. Keep up the good work as it brings everyone to a higher and safer level of riding….track or street! Bob

Working with JP and Greg White a few years ago helped me out TREMENDOUSLY. Became a much smoother, safer, faster rider.. The one thing that stuck with me that I still chuckle about today when I see it is exactly what he says up top on this post.. Start with what’s comfortable!! Soooooo many sportbike riders argue about body position this, body position that gotta get the knee down, gotta get the knee down, and they haven’t got a clue how to ride there motorcycle in the first place! Strongly recommend STAR School for anyone that rides.. JP and staff just “Get It” Kevin

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