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WSBK Predictions For The Weekend

Moto GP has been fantastic to watch this year and has garnered most of the attention from the racing world. With Valentino leading the World Championship and winning races it’s just the kind of year that the bosses at Dorna needed. With that said if I had to choose a...

The Rapid Decline of Marc Marquez

I drew you all in with that opening huh? I have to marvel sometimes at the keyboard junkies that pollute the internet. Just 6 short races ago, current and 2 time Moto GP Marc Marquez was all the talk, some even had already given him the 2015 Moto GP World...

Hot Day Riding

I live in Southern California and our weather is near perfect year round. What always makes me laugh is if it’s 65 or less it’s too cold to ride & over 85 it’s too hot. So spoiled. As the summer months approach I thought I’d give a few...

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